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DJ Muggs vs. ILL Bill - 'Kill Devil Hills' [CD]
DJ Muggs vs. ILL Bill - 'Kill Devil Hills' [CD]
DJ Muggs vs. ILL Bill - 'Kill Devil Hills' [CD]
DJ Muggs vs. ILL Bill - 'Kill Devil Hills' [CD]

DJ Muggs vs. ILL Bill

Kill Devil Hills


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DJ Muggs is one of the industry's most talented and best-known producers. Since Cypress Hill's formation in 1991, the pioneering rap-rock quartet has come a long way from the streets of South Central L.A. Over the course of its 19-year history, Cypress Hill has sold more than 17 million albums worldwide, including more than 11 million records in the U.S. alone. For the vast majority of his career, Muggs has established a precedent for working hand in hand with artists and creating cohesive bodies of work, rather than spreading around beats from project to project and that rings true once again on Kill Devil Hills: "I prefer getting in the lab and actually creating projects with people instead of just sending outbeat CDs."

Ill Bill was a founding member of Non-Phixion, who released their seminal debut, The Future is Now, in 2002 and has also released two influential solo LP's. Bill has also released an LP as a member of the bi-coastal conglomerate La Coka Nostra (with Everlast, Danny Boy, and DJ Lethal of House of Pain and newcomer Slaine). Ill Bill's The Hour of Reprisal (2008) showed flashes of what the future would hold, as Bill & Muggs collaborated on two tracks ("This Is Who I Am" and "Only Time Will Tell"- for Bill's most recent solo LP.
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