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DJ Q-Bert - 'Wave Twisters' [CD]
DJ Q-Bert - 'Wave Twisters' [CD]
DJ Q-Bert - 'Wave Twisters' [CD]
DJ Q-Bert - 'Wave Twisters' [CD]

DJ Q-Bert

Wave Twisters


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The lost arts of Hip Hop: B-Boying, Graffiti, Mcing and of course Skratching are being oppressed through out innerspace by Lord Ook and his evil minions, the Chinheads. Amid the chaos one crew of heroes, cleverly disguised as a team of oral hygienists, is determined to save the lost arts from total extinction. Armed with the ancient relic known as the Wave Twister, the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the enemies, the Dental Commander and his team travel to the far ends of Innerspace for a final confrontation with the sinister army of oppressors. Will the evil Lord Ook succeed in his ultimate scheme to force the lost arts into non-existence? Or will our heroes save the galaxy from his clutches? All this and much more lie ahead in Wave Twisters: Episode 7 million, Sonic Wars Within the Protons!
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