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DJ Revolution - 'The Breaks... In Hi-Fidelity' [CD]

DJ Revolution

The Breaks... In Hi-Fidelity


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  • Jan 27, 2004
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 826596009575
  • 2.8 oz
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DJ Revolution displays some of the ILLEST breaks he has collected from around the globe. Rare funky soul joints to hard-ass funky drum breaks, class heavily sampled grooves from Herbie Hancock or the Bar-kays to incredibly hard to find library music on labels like KPM/SELECTED SOUND/DeWOLFE and more... this CD has it all.
The best thing about it though... it's just THE BREAKS!!! Not the whole song... not the long vocal chorus... not the boring parts. Listen as Revolution destroys and then rebuilds some of these rare gems and shows the difference between "LO" and "Hi-Fidelity" recordings in cleverly worded scratch phrases. The signature cuts and blends that people have come to expect from one of the world's sickest DJ's are all here too. Fans of DJ Revolution will not be disappointed.
This is a MUST have for any serious beat-head, producer, or hip hop fanatic. Take a break from the same old shit and check out "Hi-Fidelity"
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