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Dj / Rupture + Matt Shadetek - 'Solar Life Raft' [CD]
Dj / Rupture + Matt Shadetek - 'Solar Life Raft' [CD]
Dj / Rupture + Matt Shadetek - 'Solar Life Raft' [CD]
Dj / Rupture + Matt Shadetek - 'Solar Life Raft' [CD]

Dj / Rupture + Matt Shadetek

Solar Life Raft


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With the release of Solar Life Raft, DJ/Rupture and Matt Shadetek emerge from the shores of Brooklyn bearing gifts from the future. A rich blend of bass, beats, and space, rocked by a tropical wind out of the west, the album is an arresting testament to the fruit that grows at the margins, free from genre orthodoxy and pulsing with gentle mutant energy. The duo has a shared appreciation for streetwise dance music as well as more experimental sounds, and Solar Life Raft features tracks blended on three decks into a complete hypnotic and gripping narrative.

Work on the album began when Rupture and Shadetek reached out to fellow Brooklynites Gang Gang Dance, Telepathe, and Jahdan Blakkamoore, offering their skills as remixers. To these remixes they added a half-dozen original productions and a fascinating selection of other tracks. One of Rupture's several collaborations with poet Elizabeth Alexander, who spoke at Obama's inauguration, finds a place here, as does entrancing multilingual poet Caroline Bergvall. Ghostly voices from classical wunderkind Nico Muhly's Mothertongue flow into an exclusive beat from London's leading female grime producer Mizz Beats. French musique concrete and avant-garde legend Luc Ferrari rubs up against the latest wave of US dubstep. At times the narrative flow is delicately smooth, at others the duo uses the first-take recordings to capture the energy and freshness of a live mix. This is an album with lasting emotional resonance that can still make the car trunks rattle.
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