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Dj / Rupture - 'Uproot' [CD]
Dj / Rupture - 'Uproot' [CD]
Dj / Rupture - 'Uproot' [CD]
Dj / Rupture - 'Uproot' [CD]

Dj / Rupture



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Uproot, DJ / RUPTURE's first release since returning to Brooklyn after seven years in Spain, offers his most intimate work to date. Rupture is not a DJ to rest on previous highs, but who constantly looks for new ones. He proved that he can DJ fast & dense with his influential Gold Teeth Thief & Minesweeper Suite mixes-now it's time for the sensual slow dance of a (relatively) smooth turntablist-experience that deepens on repeat listens. How many DJs do you know who commission a string quartet for their latest mix? Uproot downshifts into languorous long-blends and gorgeous moments of ambient warmth. (With nine exclusive bangers thrown in 'cause Rupture's good like that). This is surely his most "listenable" mix to date, blended seamlessly with elements from UK dubstep and Brooklyn dancehall to Berlin abstraction, not to mention Brazil (Maga Bo), Finland (Clouds), Australia (Dead Leaf) and more. Taking the twin lessons of bass and space taught by '70s Jamaican dub visionaries, Uproot explores a wealth of new material-almost half of it previously unreleased-in a mix that is deep, contemplative, and contagious. Cosmopolitan bass never sounded so good.
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