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DJ Shadow - 'Live At Bizarre Festival, Germany - August 16, 2002' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
DJ Shadow - 'Live At Bizarre Festival, Germany - August 16, 2002' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
DJ Shadow - 'Live At Bizarre Festival, Germany - August 16, 2002' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
DJ Shadow - 'Live At Bizarre Festival, Germany - August 16, 2002' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

DJ Shadow

Live At Bizarre Festival, Germany - August 16, 2002

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Midway through the 2002 world tour supporting The Private Press, Shadow finds himself in the German countryside, playing one of the many European festivals that operate during the Summer months. The crowd is intense and attentive, the perfect audience for a Shadow show. From the menacing throb of "Fixed Income" to the climax of "High Noon," it's a sharp, powerful set, punctuated by bursts of scratching and meticulous blends. Those familiar with the In Tune and On Time DVD and CD will notice a few unique sections, including a mix built around "Nursery Rhyme."

Recalling his memories of the evening, Shadow says, "I walked to another area to do some sort of televised interview...I think it was for German MTV. I had some time to kill, so I walked over to see part of the Chemical Brothers' set. I wanted to see what sort of visuals and lights they were using. Then I walked back to my tent to watch the end of Morcheeba's set. I remember that they went one "reprise" too many, and the crowd got tired of when they finished with a big crescendo, it was just dead silence! I thought it was funny, but I felt for them...sometimes you just never know how a crowd will react. Like the time the union lighting guy at Roseland blasted my audience with strobes for the entire 15-minute encore...but that's another story..."

Time: 73:48

DJ Shadow Handmade:
It's a well-known fact that Shadow is a vinyl enthusiast. For people who love music, there's no replacing the warmth of a physical mold with grooves. Some people also prefer the ease and portability of CDs, and still others may find that traditional MP3 downloads are insufficient for their needs. For all of those reasons (and all of those people,) we are proud to announce DJ Shadow Handmade. Simply put, this is the ultimate collecting experience for Shadow fans that have it all. Quality and attention to detail is obvious, with all records pressed on extra-pure, 180-gram vinyl. The heavy paste-on, or "tipped sleeve" jackets are die-cut and hand stamped.

What about the music, you say? Shadow has raided his cupboard and turned loose DAT tapes, CD-R's, and cassettes from his own personal archive, unveiling mixes, live performances, and alternate versions of songs, many of which have never been heard before. In some cases, the mere existence of this material is an accident. Several of the live shows, for example, were confiscated from venue employees who were making their own recordings. Still others were made at Shadow's request, to archive a set that would never again be performed. Shadow reports that it has been a hair-raising process: "So many DAT tapes and CDs have become corrupted or broken," he laments. "I'm just glad to have salvaged whatever bits I could before they disappear, too."

As Shadow looks forward to his next wave of new music, fans can revel in some of the gems unearthed during his exhaustive archiving project. How long will they be available? "Until I feel like the demand has been filled," says Shadow. "I definitely don't want to be in 'glory days' mode forever... Once the new album is together, it'll be all about the future again. For now, though...enjoy!"
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