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DJ Shame - 'Journey Into The World Of Music' [CD]

DJ Shame

Journey Into The World Of Music


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"Journey Into The World of Music" is a megamix consisting of different genres of music. It is a constantly changing mix. From old school Hip Hop to classic rock...from Jazz to R&B...from Pop to Electro...there is something here to please all music lovers...while staying true to what hip hop is all about..."breaks & beats". Produced and mixed by DJ SHAME of the production team, The Vinyl Reanimators. Shame is credited with making the first sample/beat mix, back in 1993 with his original Traveling Through Sample Land mixtape. He followed up in 2004 with "Traveling Through Sampeland Vol. 2". DJ SHAME is known for his DJing, remix & production skills as well as his extensive record collection and knowledge of breaks and all forms of music. This CD is in no way considered a "Mash Up", rather a special musical journey skillfully crafted and executed by DJ SHAME.
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