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DJ Twelvz - 'Chasing Demons' [CD]
DJ Twelvz - 'Chasing Demons' [CD]
DJ Twelvz - 'Chasing Demons' [CD]
DJ Twelvz - 'Chasing Demons' [CD]

DJ Twelvz

Chasing Demons


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Chasing demons is a soundtrack to a comic book dropping in February of 2009. It is based upon the ideas of the Mayan calender and what awaits for the world come year 2012. It deals with race, poverty and other issues around oppression, government and politics all delivered using humor, poetry,soul music and pure hip-hop culture. It also has breaks away from the concepts where DJ Twelvz delivers tracks with fun wordplay, party music and material that is more uplifting and inspirational. The album is 24 tracks long and features 33 artist from all around the world. Including Mr.Cheeks of the Lost Boyz, of Dead Prez, Zion of Zion I, San Quinn, Tableek and Hanif Jamiyl of Maspyke and world artists like Tendai Wutawunashe from Zimbabwe. This is a 24 track Epic musical masterpiece for any music lover, that has the realest content ever compiled together. All from the brain of DJ/ Producer DJ Twelvz. Don't be the one to miss out on this extremely powerful record.
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