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DJ Vadim - 'Live in Brooklyn: Yo Voy A Esudiar Para Ser Un Maestro' [CD]

DJ Vadim

Live in Brooklyn: Yo Voy A Esudiar Para Ser Un Maestro


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2007 is gearing up to be a very busy year for the constantly nomadic DJ Vadim. First was the release of his 5th solo LP, The Sound Catcher" (BBE) in the beginning of April and now comes the latest mix CD, "Live in Brooklyn 07", recorded as the title says live in Brooklyn at the Stay Gold Gallery. Only the 3rd official mix CD, this in itself is different to the 2 predecessors, "Architects of the Great "(1997); and "Lettuce Propelled Rockets" (2005). Vadim, never one to pander to the music fashions or genres, tears up the rule book once again with this out of the box, think outside the square mix. Forget what you thought you knew about Vadim and get your dancing shoes ready because this is the 'get your party started right' party mix of everything from soul, disco, cumbia, afro beat, old school Hip Hop... and everything in between in 79 minutes. Fela Kuti to Melle Mel to Gaiteros de Columbia to Gill Scott Heron are all laced in one of the most coherent and flowing mixes around. Most of the tracks are in themselvs special Vadim mash up's and enhanced versions. So even though some of the songs you may of heard before, surely you will of never heard them this way. Warning - serious bouts of rhythmic dancing, head nodding and foot stomping quite probable!
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