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<!--120060925003749-->DJ Yoda - 'The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda' [CD]

DJ Yoda

The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda





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After finding success with his now-legendary 'How To Cut and Paste' mix CDs, London's own DJ YODA now makes his first moves into the world of proper recording artists with this debut album! Two years in the making, and highly anticipated, Yoda has teamed up with an amazing range guest vocalists such as THE JUNGLE BROTHERS, BIZ MARKIE, SWAY, PRINCESS SUPERSTAR, UGLY DUCKLING, MC PAUL BARMAN and ASPECTS, to create an album that retains all the humour and entertainment of his popular DJ mixes. Fun, humour and guests aside, the beats themselves are supremely funky, the scratching and 'wordplay' as triumphant as ever and the usual onslaught of funny, irreverent and downright impressive samples don't fail to make an appearance, making this much-awaited set one of the most refreshing and original albums of the year. This is one hip hop album that doesn't care what crowd it will appeal to - just like Cyndi Lauper, it just wants to have fun. 'The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda' is an outstanding album, debut or otherwise. Yoda has managed to create the charisma, energy and charm of a mixtape using all of his own beats. How does he pull it off? He uses the force of course.
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