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<!--020130101053654-->DMC World - '2012 US DJ Championship Finals' [DVD]
<!--020130101053654-->DMC World - '2012 US DJ Championship Finals' [DVD]
<!--020130101053654-->DMC World - '2012 US DJ Championship Finals' [DVD]
<!--020130101053654-->DMC World - '2012 US DJ Championship Finals' [DVD]

DMC World

2012 US DJ Championship Finals


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DMC USA DJ Battles are the longest running, most legendary, most prestigious DJ battles in the USA! The 2012 DMC US Finals was one of the best to date with prizes and promise enough to even lure long retired champions back to the battleground. We saw so many talented turntablists battling in DMC for the first time! More cities hosted a DMC regional battle, including San Francisco, Seattle, Hartford and Phoenix, making it possible for DMC to have only 1st place champions in this year's US Finals, with no special invites to runners up! DMC is reinvigorating the DJ battle and turntablist scenes in the USA and 2012 was a phenomenal year!

Host: Lord Finesse (DITC)

11 of the USA's top battle DJs compete for the National Title: 2012 DMC US Champion
1st: DJ Precision: NYC
2nd: DJ I-Dee: Sterling VA
3rd: DJ Manwell: Los Angeles CA
4th: DJ Fascinate: Tinton NH

DJ Sol Rising formerly known as Skwint: Oakland CA
DJ Cocheze: San Francisco C
DJ Concept: Cape Coral, FL
DJ Donnie Dee: San Antonio, TX
DJ Immortal: Miami, FL
DJ Lodus: Norwalk, CA
Waystyles: Seattle, WA

Showcases by:
DJ Total Eclipse (X-ecutioners)
DJ Snayk Eyez (2001 DMC US Supremacy Champion)

DMC World Champion: DJ Cheese (NJ)
2x DMC US Champion: DJ Slyce (NJ)
DMC US Champion: DJ Perseus (RI)
DMC US Supremacy Champ: DJ Snayk Eyez (CA)
DJ Fatfingaz (NYC)