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Dntel - 'Life Is Full Of Possibilities' [CD]


Life Is Full Of Possibilities


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  • Apr 07, 2009
  • Electronic
  • 612651003226
  • PR32CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Plug Research
  • Dntel
Dntel, Plug Research solo artist and one half of The Postal Service, has always beenknown as a master of glitch, melodies and shimmering soundscapes. With his album "Life Is Full of Possibilities", fully exploits the pastoral/electronica wave. He offers the delicate vocals of Anywhere Anyone or the quiet trilling of Pillowcase. The beats and the melodies designed to sneak up on you. "Suddenly is Sooner Than You Think" has what sounds like a reprocessed and skipping accordion running through it, trailed by the whispery vocals of Meredith Figurine. "Why I'm So Unhappy" has the vocal contribution of Rachel Haden, whose rock 'n' roll timbre offers a different texture. There is also the indie rock/IDM hybrid of "(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan" and the amassing of guitar, strings and glitch on the operatic "Last Songs".
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