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Dom Pachino

Interview Pt. 1 (At The Retail Store - 11/11/08)


Part 1 of 2: Dom Pachino who dropped the name PR Terrorist post-911, sits down with Van Stylez to discuss the origins of Killarmy. Pachino describes moving to Stapleton, Staten Island for 2nd grade where he lived across the street from RZA and his younger brother 9th Prince. 9th Prince and Dom Pachino became best friends and after years of watching RZA and cousins GZA and ODB climb the ranks, formed the Killarmy offshoot of the Wu-Tang dynasty with a large crew of up-and-coming Staten Island area rappers. Dom Pachino talks about watching the ascension of the Wu-Tang clansmen from the projects to apartments and eventually mansions once the group came to dominate the mid-90s music scene. Van Stylez questions Pachino about rumors of a souring relationship between Wu-Tang disciples and core Wu-Tang members, including Pachino's former mentor and neighbor the RZA.