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Doodlebug w/ D.O.R. - 'Futuristic Sci-Fi' [CD [2CD]]
Doodlebug w/ D.O.R. - 'Futuristic Sci-Fi' [CD [2CD]]
Doodlebug w/ D.O.R. - 'Futuristic Sci-Fi' [CD [2CD]]
Doodlebug w/ D.O.R. - 'Futuristic Sci-Fi' [CD [2CD]]

Doodlebug w/ D.O.R.

Futuristic Sci-Fi

CD [2CD]

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Doodlebug of the legendary 90's Hip Hop group Digable Planets returns with a new project titled "Futuristic Sci-Fi." The album is a collaboration with his tour DJ and producer DJ Alex J. of DOR. The album features guest appearances from Blame One, Don Will (Tanya Morgan), Moka Only, The Tones, LMNO of the Visionaries, Kai Chi of CFO & many others. This album represents Doodlebug aka Cee Know's 1st major project away from his usual Digable Planet family and has created quite a buzz on the blogosphere with the album leak "Do What u Do" feat Moka Only and Don Will (Tanya Morgan).

The "Futuristic Sci-Fi" concept was based on an episode of Star Trek: Voyager called "Future's End" in which the Voyager was transported through a wormhole back to Earth, but in the 20th century. The album is a musical throwback and creative time capsule of the best elements of hip hop preserved, to be opened by time travelers looking to learn about the true essence of hip hop culture. B-boy poses, DJ scratching, break-dancing & graffiti is what this album is about. Digable Planets fans old and new can be excited to know that the members of DP are still active and keeping that interstellar mind funk alive.
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