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Dooley-O - 'I Gotcha' [CD]


I Gotcha


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Dooley O has been around forever; never really getting his time to shine back in the early 90's. Dooley O recorded the timeless "Watch My Moves" circa 1990 but for one reason or another failed to get signed to a label. Thankfully years later Egon of Stones Throw got the chance to hear some of this lost material and realized how dope it was. Dooley O has since experienced a ressurection of sorts with the whole "Watch My Moves" album being officially released. "I Gotcha" is the follow up album to that title and leaves right where its predecessor left off. Dooley O feels hip-hop is just wack right now and aims to bring back that old school sound. The lead single "Soaps" sounds like it was imported straight out of 1989 and the album follows in that trend. "I Don't Wanna Lose You" is simply one of the best Dooley O songs ever and you can easily run it at a party if you so desired. The album is strong throughout with Dooley O's great sense of humor shining as well.
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