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Doug Carn - 'Infant Eyes' [CD]
Doug Carn - 'Infant Eyes' [CD]
Doug Carn - 'Infant Eyes' [CD]
Doug Carn - 'Infant Eyes' [CD]

Doug Carn

Infant Eyes



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Despite progress in civil rights, African-Americans in the early 1970s had it tough with segregation in schools, few employment opportunities and lots else. Doug Carn reacted to the times by creating a personalized strain of jazz music that expressed a loving hopefulness, He found a home at the Black Jazz label, where African-Americans called the shots and, of course, racial tension was nonexistent.

Doug Carn: Piano, Electric Piano, Organ
Jean Carn: Vocals
George Harper: Tnr Sax, Flute
Bob Frazier: Trumpet Flugelhorn
Henry Franklin: Bass
Al Hall, Jr.: Trombone
Micheal Carvin: Drums
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