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<!--020070320009127-->DPGC (Dogg Pound Gangsta Click) - 'The DPGC Eulogy' [DVD]
<!--020070320009127-->DPGC (Dogg Pound Gangsta Click) - 'The DPGC Eulogy' [DVD]
<!--020070320009127-->DPGC (Dogg Pound Gangsta Click) - 'The DPGC Eulogy' [DVD]
<!--020070320009127-->DPGC (Dogg Pound Gangsta Click) - 'The DPGC Eulogy' [DVD]

DPGC (Dogg Pound Gangsta Click)

The DPGC Eulogy


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  • Mar 20, 2007
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  • Dogg Pound Gangstaz Inc.
  • Damian Zellous
The ups and downs experienced by the West Coast's Dogg Pound Gangstas have been legion, and the DPG Eulogy documentary seeks to set the record straight, tracing the evolution of the beefs, reunions, and lasting friendships over the years. DPG Eulogy is a timeline look at what really went down with the DPG family. It highlights the prolific history of the careers of Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger and the entire Dogg Pound clique. The documentary includes personal accounts and rare footage from Snoop, Daz and the entire DPG community, as well as a never before seen live DPG performance that includes Snoop Dogg.
Filmmaker Damien Zellous shows all around visual noir of DPG's roots, from city depths of the hood to the ocean shore. The film explores never told stories of the early days of Dr. Dre, Sam Sneed's ambush at the Death Row studios, Bad Azz's exclusive interview about his confrontation with Death Row members in Vegas and Snoop Dogg's feelings about his tumultuous relationship with Tupac and Kurupt. Snoop also expounds on Suge Knight. Each member gives their take on Kurupt's return to Death Row Records and Daz Dillinger talks with Kurupt about his decision to re-join.
The documentary revisits some back in the day hits produced by original Dogg Pound Gangsta Daz Dillinger and has additional interviews with Big C-Style, Tray Dee, Lil' 1/2 Dead, Samara, Lil' C-Style, Kenya, RBX and Big Pimpin'.