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Drag-On - 'Hood Environment' [CD]


Hood Environment


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Drag-On is a young New York-based Hip Hop artist and mainstream actor. He has built up his portfolio by contributing on several projects such as DMX's three multi-platinum albums, Eve's million selling debut, Jadakiss, the Lox, as well as the Ruff Ryder compilations. In early 2000, he took his career to a new level by releasing his first solo album, "Opposite of H2O" with Ruff Ryders/Interscope records. That inspired album went certified gold, selling over 600k copies and scored the number five spot on the Billboard pop albums chart the second week of its release. These remarkable achievements propelled him to the forefront, allowing Drag-On to showcase his talents on three major tours, Ruff Riders/Cash Money Millionaires Tour, the Hard Knock Life Tour and the Survival of the Illest Tour.
In 1999, the world was exposed to Drag's wide range of talents when he took another exciting career turn and starred in two major films. The first, "Exit Wounds", starring DMX and Steven Segal, grossed over 50 million dollars at the box office. Producers Bruce Berman and Dan Cracchiolo were so impressed by the newcomer's natural ability to act that they invited him back for "Cradle 2 the Grave", starring DMX and Jet-Li, which grossed over 35 million dollars. Drag's true-to-life performances are a clear indication that he is an appealing and talented all-around artist. His goal is to build a career which knows no boundaries and spans across a wide spectrum of entertainment.
On September 4th, Drag-On brings to you his latest release, "Hood Environment". The album will prove that he is an artist who has taken life's hard knocks, learned valuable lessons and is prepared to take the game to a whole new level. Featuring sixteen blazing, all-exclusive, brand new fresh out the oven tracks, Drag-On is back to heat things up.
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