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Drumz & Llingo - 'Blak Market' [CD]
Drumz & Llingo - 'Blak Market' [CD]
Drumz & Llingo - 'Blak Market' [CD]
Drumz & Llingo - 'Blak Market' [CD]

Drumz & Llingo

Blak Market


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At a time when more Hip Hop artists than ever before can be heard on the radio and seen on television and everyday new artists spring to life in the bedroom of their parents house, huddled next to their brand new laptop and Mp3 components; DRUMAT!C and LLINGO APT - the duo affectionately called DRUMZ & LLINGO - provide a sound remarkably distinct, immediately separating them from the most recent of both underground and commercial Hip Hop album releases. 'BlakMarket', the duo's first full length LP, mixes the gritty sounds of the North East corridor (ala DITC) with the melodic, heavy bass laden sound reminiscent of the Dirty South's Organized Noize, all while supplied by their "weapon of choice" the E-MU SP1200. LLINGO APT - the duo's emcee and front man - provides a style quite versatile and unique as he paints the brains of listeners with images from topics as complex as imperialism and colonialization of the mind, to stories detailing after school "Friday Night" escapades; all the way to a step-by-step instructional about "making a beat." Flow as well as production is woven seamlessly as LLINGO spins from topic to topic, keeping your brain as well as your feet moving. The supporting cast of exquisite emcees hailing from New York, Rhode Island and Philadelphia peppered throughout the album, act as palate cleansers, preparing the listener for each new dish cooked and served by the beat smith duo - sure to be feeding fans ear holes with organic analog meals for years to come.
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