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Dubblestandart - 'Marijuana Dreams' [CD]
Dubblestandart - 'Marijuana Dreams' [CD]
Dubblestandart - 'Marijuana Dreams' [CD]
Dubblestandart - 'Marijuana Dreams' [CD]


Marijuana Dreams


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Following the 2009 'Return From Planet Dub' is the bands 12th album in history ! - Exceptional forward looking collaborations include Lee Perry, David Lynch, Anthony B, Elephant Man, and William S. Burroughs !! - With over 72 minutes playtime this is the most extraordinary production in Dub Music for 2010 !!!

One of the most important production teams actively creating and mutating Dub in Europe, Dubblestandart from Vienna have been keeping a uniquely inspiring version of the dub flame alive for the last two decades. Formed in 1988 the group was heavily inspired by the sounds from legendary dub space, the Black Ark, Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label, sound system operator, Jah Shaka, infusing these dub influences within their own heady blend of hardcore reggae and new wave. In demand as a live backing band (ie. for Lee Perry, Dillinger, Top Cat, Lilian Allen & Ari Up) as well as for their studio creations, Dubblestandart was becoming an international DUB act with performances in Europe, Canada and the USA. 'Marijuana Dreams' the bands 12th album in history is showing Dubblestandart's international and outraging status and shows a series of exceptional forward looking collaborations (including i.e. William S. Burroughs, David Lynch, Elephant Man, Lee Scratch Perry) and is recorded in Kingston- Jamaica, the Bronx in New York and the band's own studio in Vienna. Dubblestandart's handling of this mission has been exemplary: the productions are pleasingly individualistic, retaining plenty of originality and professionalism without seeming stoic, dull or contrived. A Dubstep remix by the New Yorker Soundsystem Subatomic rounds the end of the astonishing (over 72 minutes playtime) album to a perfect end as well as the dub versions they have been made to appear on the album and making 'Marijuana Dreams' to the most extraordinary DUB productions in 2010. Features and guests incl. the mighty Lee Scratch Perry on four tracks, GuGabriel aka Gudrun Liemberger on two tracks, the American filmmaker and visual artist David Lynch, the top Jamaican artists Anthony B and Elephant Man, austrian Deejay Trigga, and the posthumous voice and art of the American novelist, poet, essayist, painter and spoken word performer William S. Burroughs!
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