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Dutch - 'A Bright Cold Day' [CD]
Dutch - 'A Bright Cold Day' [CD]
Dutch - 'A Bright Cold Day' [CD]
Dutch - 'A Bright Cold Day' [CD]


A Bright Cold Day


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Dutch is the buzzed about new project featuring the vocals of newcomer Liz Fullerton and production by Stoupe of the critically acclaimed Hip-Hop group Jedi Mind Tricks. The unlikely duo first collaborated on the JMT track "Razorblade Salvation"on Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell and again on the track "Death Messiah" from , A History of Violence. The union of Liz's deeply sympathetic vocal stylings and Stoupe's trademark visceral beats made both songs standout cuts from those records as both remain favorites with fans and critics alike.

Now, set as a two-piece outfit, Dutch is the full realization of the artistic accomplishment at which their previous collaborations only hinted. After years of critical and commercial success as the enigmatic production guru behind JMT, Stoupe wanted to make a different kind of record; something that kept the same raw aesthetic he pioneered with his prior work, while allowing him to branch out as both a producer and songwriter. Liz's timely and fortuitous entry into the group's life was a destiny that seemed undeniable, if not a little bit lucky.

Nearly three years in the making, Dutch is set to release their debut album, A Bright Cold Day. The album features 12 hand-crafted tracks which have conjured comparisons to the dark programming aesthetics of Portishead, the soul-piercing melodies of Cat Power, and the viscerally provoking tone of Dido.
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