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Ecid - 'Red Beretta' [CD]
Ecid - 'Red Beretta' [CD]
Ecid - 'Red Beretta' [CD]
Ecid - 'Red Beretta' [CD]


Red Beretta


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  • May 05, 2009
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 707541091794
  • FIL1521830CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Fill In The Breaks
  • Ecid
MC/Producer Ecid has been carving a name for himself in the arms, toilets, walls, & tits of America s lovely landscape since the early 2000 s. Touring the better half of the US over and over with the likes of Qwel (of Typical Cats), Awol One (of the Shapeshifters) & many more. Releasing two solo projects, two group projects, three bootlegs & four producer credits, moving thousands of discs hand to hand with out the support of a label, maintaining an obsessive recording schedule, all while spear heading the fate of artist run indie-label Fill In The Breaks. Which released seven projects between June 06 & April 08 with plans of releasing four to five more in 2009. Biograffiti was Ecid's coming of age record, a personal glimpse at a twenty something just trying to figure it all out. Economy Size goDD Costume was his f--- you record, an awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, honest to goodness middle finger in the face of society's time-tested clich├ęs. And Red Beretta his third official solo album is the career-defining album that people five years from now will associate him with. Red Beretta, which is a concept album based on the bizarre events that turn a modern day hero into a monster is a layered collection of intense narratives & dirty psychedelic grooves, built on Ecid's ear for digging up dangerous, melodic, what the hell is that? samples & his passion for risky, thought provoking story telling. Underneath all the layers Red Beretta is a portrait of society's infatuation with psychopaths, its need to humanize them and try to piece together why & how they become that way. Don't be afraid of the poet. Fear the truth.
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