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Edan - 'Beauty & The Beat (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]


Beauty & The Beat (Deluxe Edition)


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Boston emcee/DJ/producer Edan a.k.a. Humble Magnificent, is back with the follow-up to his 2002 official debut Primitive Plus. Although Edan has been reaping recognition worldwide since Primitive Plus, it was his reintroduction of the old school sound on his earliest demo "Sing it Shitface" that landed him on his current label, the UK based, Lewis Recordings. Edan now returns with Beauty & The Beat, a cross generational journey between 60's psychedelic rock and 80's inspired boom-bap, where we witness this jack of all musical trades bridge the gap between hip-hop's humble beginnings and limitless future. Although Edan produced and wrote all of the album's thirteen tracks, there are still some stellar appearances from a few of his high-profile friends Mr. Lif, Percee P, Insight and Dagha.
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