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Edan - 'Echo Party' [CD]
Edan - 'Echo Party' [CD]
Edan - 'Echo Party' [CD]
Edan - 'Echo Party' [CD]


Echo Party


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  • Nov 17, 2009
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 165212770728
  • FDW27707CD
  • 3.0 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Five Day Weekend
  • Edan
FROM THE DETAIL-OBSESSED MIND OF EDAN COMES AN ASTOUNDING 30 MINUTE PASTICHE OF DANCE, RAP, AND PUNK THAT UTILIZES EVERYTHING FROM TURNTABLES TO TAPE ECHO, GLOCKENSPIEL TO GUITAR, MOOG TO KAZOO...Ever since the success of Edan's 2005 sophomore release Beauty and the Beat (Lewis Recordings) the phones have been ringing off the hook here at Traffic Entertainment with questions from all around the world asking "What's up with Edan" and "When is the new album coming out?"

After it became clear to us that a new Edan album was nowhere near completion we had a eureka moment. We approached Edan with a unique opportunity; full access to Traffic Entertainment Group's extensive back catalog to mix and rework in any way he could imagine. We figured this would be a fairly quick and painless project that would be fun for Edan and also offer him some help in getting his name back out into the market while shedding some light on lesser known but full on dope titles buried deep in our back catalog. Two years and a new label later, Five Day Weekend and Edan have finally finished the project. What began as a simple mix, has grown into a colorful full on production album that features Edan as the musician displaying his skills on live instruments including synthesizers, guitar, percussion, echoplex... even glockenspiel and kazoo.

Echo Party has Edan's personality intermixed with a wealth of amazing material. Elements are pulled from original multi tracks and these isolated accapellas and drum breaks have not been heard by any ears except the engineers and original artists that were in on the original sessions. Other portions are more identifiable though obscured by the filter of Edan's ever improving studio techniques. Only an artist like Edan with his borderline obsessive commitment to detail could have brought such a project to life. Echo Party promises to be one of 2009's most celebrated releases.

Presented in a beautiful 10 page hard bound case book that includes a step by step timeline of the masterpiece...this is definitely one you need for your collection.
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