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Edgar Allen Floe - 'The Streetwise LP' [CD]
Edgar Allen Floe - 'The Streetwise LP' [CD]
Edgar Allen Floe - 'The Streetwise LP' [CD]
Edgar Allen Floe - 'The Streetwise LP' [CD]

Edgar Allen Floe

The Streetwise LP


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True to life talent, original lyrics, and soulful production represent the heart of the long awaited album from Justus League member Edgar Allen Floe, The Streetwise LP. A hard hitting, thought provoking soundscape, the album demands long time fans stay familiar with the repeat button, while provoking new listeners to give their undivided attention. The Streetwise LP is music for the adult contemporary Hip Hop fan, delivering neck snapping production and thought provoking emceeing that come together to create feel good music. The album takes the listener back to when Hip Hop was about having fun, while at the same time having something to say. Tracks such as "Shine" encourage listeners to follow their dreams and aspirations and "I See It All" is the most in-depth track on the album, describing daily life that gets taken for granted far too easily. "Slick Talk" is one of the most energetic tracks, full of the "slickest" braggadocio wordplay. The Streetwise LP will help ground the current landscape of Rap music giving you the feeling that all is not lost. If advanced lyrics and heartfelt production are what you're looking for, then you've found it.
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