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EDO.G - 'Intelligence & Ignorance' [CD]
EDO.G - 'Intelligence & Ignorance' [CD]
EDO.G - 'Intelligence & Ignorance' [CD]
EDO.G - 'Intelligence & Ignorance' [CD]


Intelligence & Ignorance


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Most rap fans know that Edo. G's career spans from the Golden Era into the New Millennium....

There are OG's who know him from the classics ("I Got To Have It", "Be A Father to Your Child", "Bug-A-Boo") from his Edo.G and Da Bulldogs days, and teenagers who know him from his album with Pete Rock ('My My Own Worst Enemy'), his group album with Special Teamz (his super-group alongside Slaine and Jaysaun), and the critically acclaimed 'Arts & Entertainment' with Masta Ace. After 2011's solo effort 'A Face In The Crowd', Edo has returned with his tenth studio album aptly entitled 'Intelligence & Ignorance'.

This album is a testament to Edo. G's longevity and consistent Boom-Bap roots, from which he has never strayed. Having enlisted the help of some of the brightest upcoming producers (from Oh No to 83 Sound) Ed's new album takes you on a thoughtful road trip through 'Intelligence' music that actually makes you think about how artists have an obligation when they are in positions of power to be mindful of young kids and their influence on them. Edo also has 'Ignorant' songs like "Work That" and "What They Say" that will have listeners and other artists alike thinking on a different level altogether.

Artists like Edo. G continue to inspire young artists while maintaining a strong fan base across the world. 'Intelligence & Ignorance' delivers on all fronts.

Edo. G really gets better with time.
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