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Eligh & Amp Live - 'Therapy At 3' [CD]
Eligh & Amp Live - 'Therapy At 3' [CD]
Eligh & Amp Live - 'Therapy At 3' [CD]
Eligh & Amp Live - 'Therapy At 3' [CD]

Eligh & Amp Live

Therapy At 3


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On November 22nd, 2011 Eligh of the Living Legends and Amp Live of Zion I team up to present a collaborative album titled, "Therapy at 3".

The album title was inspired by the duo's unconstrained and unformatted recording process. Viewed as therapy sessions, the format allowed Eligh to write each song free form, spilling whatever was on his mind. With Amp Live's stellar production, Eligh, who usually handles the bulk of his own production, was able to fully concentrate on digging deep to pull out topics that range from the reason why he gets tattoos, his battle with smoking cigarettes, past relationships and using music as a form of therapy.

Amp Live delivers powerful sonic backdrops infusing the boom-bap ethos of independent hip hop with tinges of electronic music, mixed with live instrumentation, all rounded out with an edgy aesthetic.
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