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Eliot Lipp - 'City Synthesis' [CD]

Eliot Lipp

City Synthesis


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West coast producer and multi-instrumentalist Eliot Lipp joins the Metatronix crew, bringing cinematic soul with infectious beats to our already diverse sound library. Hailing from the Bay Area, Lipp has been making some stir-crazy noise both in the studio and out. Critics and fellow musicians alike have been praising this fresh face, often surprised by his audio maturity cut up with some of the grimiest, grittiest beats to hit any street corner boom box. URB Magazine has titled him as one of "The Next 100" to watch. Prefuse 73 (Warp Records) has snatched this prodigy up for his label, Eastern Developments. His most recent releases on Hefty records have received critical praise from all directions, comparing him to golden era Hip Hop producers (DJ Shadow, Hieroglyphics, DJ Premier, DJ Krush, RZA, ATCQ), jazz heroes Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock, and contemporary artists Tortoise, Madlib, RJD2 and Prefuse 73. The much anticipated and well-crafted, "City Synthesis" showcases Lipp's eclectic styles, future funk to melodic psychedelia, border-line, on the verge of being ultimately classic yet definitively new. Rocking a funky drum kit to a vintage keyboard to some Charlie Parker horns all in the style of street beat warfare, Lipp takes his listeners into a city cloaked with timeless beauty, unexpected danger, and survival of the illest... "City Synthesis" is unpredictable, unpretentious, yet unmovably defiant. It's battle Hip Hop, it's retro-Funk, it's soulful Electronic, it's Eliot Lipp.
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