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Eliot Lipp - 'Come To Life' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Eliot Lipp

Come To Life

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Eliot Lipp is a veteran musician and sound designer gearing up to release his 9th studio album, Come To Life (Old Tacoma Records, Pretty Lights Music) is set for release May 2016. YHS is happy to announce that we will be distributing the album on limited edition vinyl and cassette.

After more than a decade living in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York (but equally home on the road), the intrepid producer returned to his roots in the Pacific Northwest before recording the album, much of which came together over a single inspired weekend.

Returning home provided Lipp with new inspirations for his blend of sampledelic funk and techno­ inspired hip ­hop beats. The mossy green woods and snowy mountains of the Pacific Northwest were essential to the ambiance and texture of the sounds. The result is a digital landscape filled with beautiful analog creations.

"The music I make is a soundtrack to my life" explains Lipp. "I made this record to help me stay positive while life was being a little rough on me. I discovered a therapeutic power in music I never knew existed."

Come To Life is a musical journey all the way through. The album showcases many different musical stylings and shows off Lipp's musicianship.

"Somewhere between the instrumental hiphop on my first records and my more recent dance floor inspired beats, I found that a certain funk in all of that remains consistent. This new album is about an awakening so I felt it was important to dig back in to my musical past for inspiration. I came back with some well rounded electronic grooves."
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