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Emphasis - 'Emphasis' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]



Black Vinyl Re-Issue Import

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Fabulous groove reconciliating funk, rock, rhythm and jazz improvisation, with a touch of latin feeling and a perfect integration of electronic instruments. 1st reissue of a great classy jazz funk fusion album, the only album by project around Pierre Cavalli and Renato Anselmi, recorded 1975 in Switzerland and released in small editions on the Swiss Pick label and on Jaycee in the UK only. Includes unique material plus covers of Milton Nascimento's "Vera Cruz", Gene McDaniel's "Feel Like Making Love" and Stevie Wonder's "Too High". Andy Warhol told Federico Fellini about this sound: "You must hear Emphasis".

"Just as back in 1929 Black Friday closed the Charleston era, the energy crisis seems to have put an end to the roaring sixties, when innumerable groups of young spastics were torturing electric guitars which had done them no harm. Many of them still persist, but to our ears, they sound fossilized as if they were playing Dixieland. What came out of all this, is a musical language reconciliating rock rhythm and jazz improvisation, with a touch of latin feeling and a perfect integration of the new electronic instruments. Artists like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Bob James and many others, already won a large audience, with well deserved success. But, as Andy Warhol told Fellini: 'you must hear Emphasis!'" (Original liner notes).

"Emphasis" was a Swiss fusion project featuring Pierre Cavalli (guitar, bass), Renato Anselmi (piano, synthesizer), Fernando Vicencio (flute, sax), drummer Nick Liebman and Curt Treier on percussion. Their only selftitled album from 1974 saw two original releases on the Swiss Pick label and in the UK on Jaycee and is darn tough to find: 12 tracks in all offer masterfully played European Jazz Rock, a combination of electronic Fusion and latinesque conga percussion.
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