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Empuls - 'The Very Best Of' [CD]
Empuls - 'The Very Best Of' [CD]
Empuls - 'The Very Best Of' [CD]
Empuls - 'The Very Best Of' [CD]


The Very Best Of


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Empuls is one of the orginial artist to sign to Man Bites Dog Records and has been involved in the creation of some of the biggest songs to date. With feature verses on the Swashbuckler tracks "Return of the Duck Alert" (RA The Rugged Man & Sonny Seeza), "Cappatilizing"(Cappadonna) and "Leave Your Town"(Copywrite and packFM) as well as his upcoming work on Killah Priest's record "The 3 Day Theory" on "Brolic" (U-god & Killah Priest) and "The Destroyer"(Steven King, Sonny Seeza,iCON The Mic King & Killah Priest). Empuls is making a real name for himself in 2010 which will also see releasing his highly controversial album "Coon Music" as well as his "Great Dying" LP. "The Very Best Of" allows listeners to get a taste for previous work and a look at some of the great songs that will shortly becoming their way in the near future. All copies will be signed by the artist and will be limited to a pressing of 1,000 units.
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