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Endless Mic - 'Baby Geniuses' [CD]

Endless Mic

Baby Geniuses


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In a time when the modus operandi of hip hop is to complain about hip hop, rappers have effectively reduced themselves to a group of outspoken babies. Greensboro based trio Endless Mic humbly include themselves in this pack of infants. What sets emcees Zano and Stu! And producer Deez apart is that they are, quite simply, better than the rest. Hailing from Chappel Hill, North Carolina's Mecca of Independent Music, Endless Mic's unique brand of 'show, don't tell' hip hop stems from three lifetimes of musical exposure. Zano, whose father is an accomplished jazz guitarist and pianist, was reared in a musical atmosphere, fostering in him an unremitting love for the art form. Stu! himself is a talented guitarist as well as rapper and has even studied classical piano. Both Stu! And Zano began rapping and battling in early adolescence at parties, quickly becoming notorious for their razor-sharp wit and insurmountable lyrical ability. Banding together in high school, Zano and Stu! self-released two LP's before teaming with Trekky Records for their third album, Cave Livin, which was lauded in the local media. Endless Mic has become infamous for their incredible live performance and on-stage chemistry. The newest member of the group, Deez, was present for much of the inception of the North Carolina rap scene as it stands today, and holds his influence firmly planted in the sultry soul-beat driven NC sound while adding his own generous innovation, forging beats that defy the Southern Rap stereotype while remaining loyal to his regional roots. Endless Mic's raw talent has earned them the honor of playing with hip hop legends such as RJD2, Blueprint, One Be Lo, and Count Bass D. In their second full-lenth release from Chapel hill's Trekky Records, Endless Mic's Baby Geniuses establishes a new standard and sound for North Carolina hip hop music as well as unleashes artists who actually enjoy hip hop. Devoid of trite jabs at the mainstream and lackluster yearnings for Golden Age boom-bappery, Endless Mic fashios a truly unique creation, at once innovative and accessible, that refuses to follow the precedent set by other NC groups or be diminished by the white nerd rap stigma.
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