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<!--020110927036253-->Epidemic - 'Illin Spree' [CD]
<!--020110927036253-->Epidemic - 'Illin Spree' [CD]
<!--020110927036253-->Epidemic - 'Illin Spree' [CD]
<!--020110927036253-->Epidemic - 'Illin Spree' [CD]


Illin Spree



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A hardcore Hip-hop album for the fan of grimy Boom-bap production and complex multi-syllabic rhymes. The album is entirely produced by 5th Element, with guest production courtesy of B-hard Productions. Dark samples, bass-heavy loops, and gritty Boom-bap drums throughout the cd, give it an aggressive, dark, and at times melancholic feel, which lays the foundation for some of the most complex and razor-sharp lyrics heard since the golden era of rap back in the 90's. MC's Hex One and Tek-nition (of Epidemic), display lyrical prowess with styles consisting heavily of multi's and rapid-fire delivery while still maintaining clever wordplay consistently throughout the album. With only one feature artist (Kylla Buss) and 17 solid tracks, Illin Spree is quickly becoming a fan favorite among underground Hip-hop circles.
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