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Erick Sermon - 'Chilltown, New York' [CD]

Erick Sermon

Chilltown, New York


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It seems like everybody these days are paying homage to NYC in songs, but lately the idea has caught for albums (check the Beasties To The 5 Boroughs). Well, Erick Sermon, one of the most copied rapper/producers out there, has taken that route with his 5th solo venture Chilltown, New York. Although he's far removed from the Hit Squad days and work with PMD, Sermon has not lost a step on this 17-track banger. E Dub hits you with that classic b-boy sound and enlists the talent of Talib Kweli, Keith Murray, Redman, and his prodigy Sy Scott to attend to some verbals. The album boasts the ability to please both commercial and underground heads with plenty of club playability. Proof positive is the newest single "Feel It" that features a Sean Paul sample (one that the Bandit paid $200,000 for) and the vocal bend of Scott. A hip-hop legend, Sermon once again shows that longevity without the sacrifice of musical morals is more than possible.
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