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<!--020110705032773-->Eskuche - '33 1/3: B-Side' [(Matte Black) Headphones]


33 1/3: B-Side

Matte Black


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  • ESK01151033MHP
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  • Eskuche
About eskuch:
eskuch (eskoochay) is a lifestyle . . . a cultured initiative formed by inspired individuals to channel the act of "LISTEN" for a movement passionate about and influenced by music, art, fashion and design. Inspiration is drawn from classic industrial design, which they combine with modern components. Thus achieving the design aesthetic they are passionate about without sacrificing sound quality, an obsessive-compulsive-frequency.

The ONE ANSWER to all your audio needs without any compromise. eskuch offers premium audio accessories with personality and soul, while satisfying the functionality of your lifestyle.

Compatible with iPods, iPhones, DJ mixers, home stereos, and other music output devices.

Audio engineered together with LR Soundsystems, to support a fundamental audio output orientation that recognizes the importance of properly balancing the left and right sides creating the optimal audio experience for all your devices.

The 33 1/3 Headphone:
The "33 1/3" is an on-ear headphone that draws inspiration from industrial design of the 70's Hi-Fi Stereo era and carefully combines it with modern audio specs. The circular ear cup refers to 12" vinyl record textures, with a metallic material finishes that identified the premium audio equipment of the era.

Plush ear cup cushions are designed to moderate outside noise influence while sharpening the experience of the speaker driver's crisp highs and deep lows, all while maintaining comfort.

In addition, eskuch provides a custom one touch mic answer/end + play/pause, premium cloth cable system and a 6.3mm adaptor enabling you to experience the headphones with multiple music and media output devices.

Product Features:
Custom Designed single touch controller for seamless play/pause and answer/end technology
Gold played 90" 3.5 mm 4pin plug [for music AND talk] and a gold plated 6.3mm adapter
Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad, DJ mixers, home stereos, and other music output devices
Plush ear cup cushioning and soft, pliable headband for hours of comfort
Innovative, premium woven cloth cording to prevent tangling
Protective headphone travel bag

Audio Specs:
Driver Diameter: 40mm
Impedance: 32O20%
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 1123dB
Input plug diameters: 90 3.5mm 4 pin to 6.3mm adapter