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Esoteric - 'Fly Casualties' [CD]
Esoteric - 'Fly Casualties' [CD]
Esoteric - 'Fly Casualties' [CD]
Esoteric - 'Fly Casualties' [CD]


Fly Casualties


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Let's face it in 2010 EVERY compact disc pressed is "limited edition" so we'll spare you with that song and dance. Hopefully by now you know how we operate here at Fly Casual Creative, we press a bunch, you buy them early or you pay big time later on ebay when they are out of print. Those are the rules.

So here's our new one. Fly Casualties; a response to the never ending emails, tweets and formsprings (?!?) from the fans demanding more material. This collection serves as a finishing bridge between Esoteric's string of solo releases and the upcoming 7L & Esoteric full length 1212. So Eso took a slight break from his diligent recording schedule with 7L (their first official group endeavour since 2006's A New Dope) and assembled this 25 track grab bag of goodies.

Alongside all new never released tracks stand alternative mixes, original versions and edits that offer the listener a rare glimpse into the creative, always expanding and prolific mind of Esoteric, highlighting his work ethic as a producer and arranger. He handles most of the production duties but is backed by career long partner 7L, fellow East Coast Avenger DC the Midi Alien, DJ Opal and Random aka Mega Ran.

The CD comes packaged in a four panel fold out wallet with liner notes from the 'Dactyl himself. Here's a sneak peak...

"At your request, I've released a small percentage of what was sitting around the Pterolab for the past 5 years or so. Please enjoy this arrangement of never before heard songs, stray vocal takes, odd remixes, and a bunch of bass, hiss, and sludge... you know, hip-hop.


ps - I'm wrapping up the first 7L & Esoteric album in over 4 years with DJ George. The album is called 1212. The drums are hard, the lyrics are brutal, and you should have it in your hands before the fall... true story."

Enjoy Fly Casualties and prepare for 1212.
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