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Evil - 'Call Me Evil' [CD]
Evil - 'Call Me Evil' [CD]
Evil - 'Call Me Evil' [CD]
Evil - 'Call Me Evil' [CD]


Call Me Evil


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Canadian rap, almost a genre unto itself these days, has produced a slew of powerful voices that resonate far beyond the great white north. Another in a long line of exceedingly first-rate Canadian rappers, Evil is not just another emcee - he's an entertainer, pure and simple. Evil's a storyteller with a sense of humor and powerful presence. He first gained prominence as the tour-opener for label-mates Josh Martinez and The Chicharones in 2005 and the buzz is just beginning. His 2005 West Coast Music Award nomination for Best Rap Album proves that the industry is waking up to what's been an open secret north-of-the-border for years. Now that Camobear is on board, Evil's new project has a solid home. Call Me Evil combines captivating rhymes, genre-smashing beats and incredible storylines. With three cutting-edge videos included on the disc, the cinematic and creative appeal of Evil's songwriting becomes fully apparent. The album's production values are second to none, pure gold for fans of radio-friendly songs with a subversive signature. A surefire hit-in-the-making, Call Me Evil will get genuine burn with traditional urban listeners as well as keying in on indie-rock and punk fans. The album features appearances from Canadian heavy-weights Josh Martinez, Sweatshop Union, Birdapres, Kaboom and Jahranimo with production handled by Vancouver-based legends The Draftdodgers. It's time for the world-at-large to get know the man ironically known as Evil.
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