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Interview Pt. 1 (At Rock The Bells - Columbia, MD - 7/12/09)


Part 1 of 2: Rock The Bells 2009!!! One half of the duo Eyedea & Abilities, MC Eyedea lies down (literally) on the grass with UGHH's Van Stylez (no, yes, maybe homo) for a conversation, which immediately veers away from music and into the metaphysical. The time-space continuum, existence, the afterlife, the soul and energy are all pondered in this offbeat discussion. Eyedea, who first made a name for himself battle rapping in the late 90s and has been widely revered for his strength as an emcee alongside producer Abilities, talks about taking a temporary hiatus from the rap industry to play guitar in coffee shops across the country and sing with his rock band Carbon Carousel. Eyedea's disinterest in aligning himself with any specific genre has led him to label the wide range of music embodied on his new album "post-mathcore-grunge-rock." The album "By The Throat" is produced by his accomplice Abilities and just dropped on Rhymesayers Entertainment. Cop it at