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Face Candy - 'Waste Age Teen Land' [(Picture Disc) Vinyl LP]
Face Candy - 'Waste Age Teen Land' [(Picture Disc) Vinyl LP]
Face Candy - 'Waste Age Teen Land' [(Picture Disc) Vinyl LP]
Face Candy - 'Waste Age Teen Land' [(Picture Disc) Vinyl LP]

Face Candy

Waste Age Teen Land

Picture Disc Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Waste Age Teen Land marks the last completed work by the ever prolific and multifaceted artist Micheal "eyedea" Larsen before his untimely passing. Originally formed in 2005 by Eyedea on a quest to create something no one else was doing, he wanted to do something raw and honest. Something he saw as therapeutic. Face Candy, a free form improvisational ensemble of talented musicians and mc's determined to free themselves from previous constraints and take their listeners along with them was born. This quickly lead to a Midwest tour and the group's debut album, This Is Where We Were released by Rhymesayers Entertainment in 2006. Evolution and change followed, including a more concise lineup, an appearance at the Sons d'Hiver jazz festival in Paris, and monthly performances at historic jazz venues throughout the Twin Cities.

After completing his third E&A album By The Throat with partner DJ Abilities, Eyedea rounded up his Face Candy cohorts for two days at Winterland Studios and one night at the Black Dog Cafe in January of 2009. The result of this odyssey would become Waste Age Teen Land. Unpredictable at every turn, the album defies genre and classification, managing to seamlessly meld free jazz with free form lyrical stream of consciousness. Whether due to laughter or the realization of tragedy, listeners should prepare to have their stomachs tied in knots. Face Candy is a representation of the human element at it's most raw; vulnerability, adaptability and susceptibility. Whether in the studio or on the stage, the world can only attempt to keep up with Face Candy's widening approach. Are you ready to take the leap?
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