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Fat Joe - 'Don Cartagena' [CD]

Fat Joe

Don Cartagena


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A true hip hop leader since he first began rhyme-battling in his Bronx, New York school cafeteria back in the proverbial day, Fat Joe is set to put an all new sound out on the street with his Atlantic/Big Beat/Mystic debut, DON CARTAGENA. The rap sheet on Joe (a.k.a. Joseph Cartagena) has once again been catching the eye of hip hop observers, beginning with the underground and internet informant cheers for his 1997 promo-only "Deep Cover" collaboration with Big Punisher. The early success of DON CARTAGENA track "Misery Needs Company (featuring Noreaga)" - a recent big winner on Hot 97's "Battle of the Beats" and heavily spun track at college radio - again made the statement that Fat Joe is ready to take his rightful place among today's most powerful players.

For this remarkable project, Joe has taken on the role of Capo de Tutti Capi for an album that's strictly business. As a matter of respect, the top hip hop families of East Coast and West Coast come together within their own Commission for a true musical takeover: assembled bosses include Puff Daddy, Nas, Big Punisher, Jadakiss (of The Lox), Raekwon, Charli Baltimore, Noreaga, the Terror Squad, and Layzie Bone and Krayzie Bone.

Adding to that syndicate of super-talents is a team of hip hop's most-sought-after studio geniuses, who lend their extensive production skills to the album: Buckwild, Lord Finesse, Marley Marl, and Armageddon. The result of this distinguished summit is a universal hip hop statement with tracks that reach out to true fans across the underground and curious newcomers operating in the light of day.

As much as Fat Joe is set to make '98 his own, let's not fuggadabout the man's history. He scored a #1 Billboard rap single with "Flow Joe," the first track from his street inspired 1993 debut album, REPRESENT. Joe's rep also grew through rhyme-trading guest appearances with Grand Puba and Diamond D. That year saw FJ rise to the position of NYC's official Latino ambassador of hip hop. With his second album, 1995's JEALOUS ONE'S ENVY, Joe dramatically revealed the depth of skills with such tracks as "The Shit Is Real" and "Bronxtale," which spotlighted a guest turn by KRS-One. The DON CARTAGENA brings it back to today. Give a spin and listen to Fat Joe as he makes an offer you can't refuse.
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