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Fat Joe - 'Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)' [CD]
Fat Joe - 'Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)' [CD]
Fat Joe - 'Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)' [CD]
Fat Joe - 'Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)' [CD]

Fat Joe

Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2)


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Fat Joe - as one of the best MCs in the world during the past decade, very few MCs have matched his longevity, especially within the last five years. There are only a handful of rap artists who can claim the commercial success and street credibility of the Terror Squad Don. Throughout his career, Joe has obviously been cut from the cloth of supreme mic holders. He's held his own on songs with modern day legends such as Big Pun and Big L, the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Grand Puba and one of the greatest collection of Masters of Ceremonies to ever assemble, D.I.T.C. Fat Joe has sold over 2.5 million albums, discovered some of the best artist in the rap game (Big Pun, Remy Ma, etc.), been nominated for two Grammy awards, and has achieved commercial and critical success.

The new album J.O.S.E. 2 will have the usual supporting cast of A-level producers and guest artists including Lil Wayne, Akon and Ron Browz. The street track "Winding On Me" was leaked during the holidays and is already getting quality mixshow spins at urban radio. The first single "One" features Akon and will be serviced to radio in February.

Fat Joe's prophetic quote, "2008 going into 2009, when we say 'Happy New Year', we're gonna really celebrate. I'm going for all the marbles. Its gonna be my biggest year." J.O.S.E. 2 will take Fat Joe to the next level and make the world stand up and recognize the era of "Crillz Mania" has finally arrived.
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