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Fat Jon & Styrofoam - 'The Same Channel' [CD]

Fat Jon & Styrofoam

The Same Channel


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Surrounded by buttons and cables, by guitars, synthesizers, microphones. Fat Jon and Arne van Petegem (Styrofoam) recorded The Same Channel. In Arne's studio in Antwerp the two docked their soundships: Fat Jon, the EmCee and DJ, Arne van Petegem, the guitarist and laptop-artist.
In 2001 Arne van Petegem invited Fat Jon, still living in Cincinnati/Ohio at that time, to a workshop in Antwerp. What followed this first encounter was great respect for the music of the other and a deep, lasting friendship - as well as the idea of a common album.
The Same Channel has grown out of this. This album drinks of a common cup, it thinks musical schools, worlds and last but not least passions together: the onomatopoeic guitars of Styrofoam, Fat Jon's repetitive idiom, his talent for laconic stories. The klicks'n'cuts, carefully and detailed interwoven, and a production that makes clear that two well versed producers are at work.
"Scream It Out" is a nimble, catchy track, enticing and tricky in its alterations and modulations. "Space Gangster" is a creeping track, Dub, smoothly cruising. "Upgrade" a nonchalant speech-staccato, surrounded by one of theses enticing refrains by Styrofoam.
Fat Jon moved from Cincinnati to Berlin because of love. He is still part of the Cincinnati-based, Progressive-Hip-Hop-collective Five Deez that releases on the Berlinbased label K7!. Fat Jon released further the album Afterthought on Ample Soul/Libyus Music.
Arne van Petegem enlarged his indie-guitar background in the late 1990s by means of a sampler and a Roland Juno-synthesizer - in order to combine guitar-songwriting and Elektronika as Styrofoam. Since then he has released four records on Morr Music, the most recent, Nothing's Lost (2004) has sold over 5,600 units.
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