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<!--020040101006565-->Fifty 24SF Presents - 'Dithers Vol. 1' [DVD [3DVD]]
<!--020040101006565-->Fifty 24SF Presents - 'Dithers Vol. 1' [DVD [3DVD]]
<!--020040101006565-->Fifty 24SF Presents - 'Dithers Vol. 1' [DVD [3DVD]]
<!--020040101006565-->Fifty 24SF Presents - 'Dithers Vol. 1' [DVD [3DVD]]

Fifty 24SF Presents

Dithers Vol. 1


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  • Jan 01, 2004
  • 184860000018
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  • Fifty 24SF
The 30 innovative artists featured on Dithers have produced inspiring work and contributions to today's cultural vocabulary and history. On the DVD, they are featured in real-world situations discussing their influences, the environment in which they create art and the current art climate. Dithers producer, Matt Revelli, says he wanted to put a face and explanation on the art we see everyday. "People see these artists' works on a daily basis but rarely get to see how it's made. Dithers is their chance to see these artists in action."
Dithers features on-on-one interviews with the artists in which they reveal personal anecdotes, their artist style and techniques, their struggles as an artist and what motivates them to succeed in the industry. "I feel the need to document alternative artists in order to share their stories with the mainstream public and offer a behind-the-scenes look of how the artists operate," says Revelli. Dithers includes a bonus DVD under the direction of famous street photographer Ricky Powell that includes interviews and studio visits with eight artists: Team, Jest, Kostas, Dalek, Dr. Revolt, SSUR, Seen and Quick; as well as never-been-seen-before bonus footage. The footage is shot in a style Powell characterizes as "unorthodox, avant-garde with a bohemian twist," similar to the relaxed format of his cult-classic New York public access cable TV show Rappin' With The Rickster.