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Fishdoll - 'Noonsense' [CD]
Fishdoll - 'Noonsense' [CD]
Fishdoll - 'Noonsense' [CD]
Fishdoll - 'Noonsense' [CD]




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A cosmic offering of iridescent electro-soul. The debut from Beijing's rising singer / songwriter / producer, Fishdoll, to be released as CD and cassette on Paxico Records.

"If Gold Panda and Little Dragon's Yukimi Nagano had an illegitimate love-child, it would probably sound something like Fishdoll" - Indie Current

Paxico Records presents Noonsense, the debut album from singer/songwriter/producer, Beijing-based enchantress by the name of Fishdoll.

Noonsense embodies the liminal state wrought by technology, the sensation of warm static lulling you to sleep. It's drifting off with the flicker of a screen following you into the unconscious, the inception of a digital stillness.

Among scapes of hymnal tides and bubbling sea foam, Fishdoll's voice is a channel through which guided meditation flows. Breezily forthright and expressly feathery, it delivers glowing incantations layered to the brim with intricacies and harmonic euphoria, awash with feminine spirit and divine light.

As pretensions melt away and your memories are transposed into surreal tableaux, these beautiful, buzzing fantasies will take you to places that are a pleasure to consider. It's a journey that eviscerates space and time, aches with phosphor colors and leaves galaxies spinning around you-- til you wake up and find you fell asleep with the TV on again.
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