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Five Deez - 'Kommunicator' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Five Deez


Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Fat Jon is all over the place. One minute he's pairing up with random R & B singers in some café in Berlin to create the Rebel Clique LP.The next minute he's keeping to his roots and doing the Five Deez thing. Pase Rock has kept himself busy in the meantime jumping on that new Nujabes album "Modal Soul". At this point, it is still a Japanese exclusive but worthy of going that extra mile to track down. Pase Rock and Fat Jon put all side projects aside and deliver their first full length since 2003. 2003 marked the release of "Kinkynasti" which was pretty hard to track down at times. That album just furthered the buzz Fat Jon had amongst Indie heads and the industry in general. Five Deez do up 11 tracks with that laidback soulful flow but as always with that kind of abstract fast rap style. Make sure to check tracks like "So Good" and "Fugg That" which are great examples of how Five Deez gets down.
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