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Foals - 'Tape' [CD]





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Tapes (from !K7) asks the great and good of modern music making the question, "What would be the perfect mixtape?" The only rules are old school. Two halves (like an old tape) split roughly down the middle, home made artwork and some showing off about the depths of your record collection. Musically there are no boundaries. This edition: Foals.

Foals answer this by creating a mix which is eclectic, pop, deep, druggy and heavily influenced by the spirit of the early house scene shown by inclusion of the originators, Marshall Jefferson and Arnold Jarvis and the modern day benefactors like Julio Bashmore and Tanner Ross . There's some digging in the crates - Confusion (Ma Afrika) was ripped from a real tape and comes from Apartheid era South Africa and a remix of Sepalcure - Every Day Of My Life by Jimmy Edgar! All in all - the perfect mixtape.

Foals always wanted to make kids dance, but it was not ever thus. Four of their five members coalesced from the ashes of various circuit-hardened bands. They were bored of the anally retentative indie-math-post-whatever nanocosm they inhabited, and tired of the staid, codified dynamics of the rock show. They wanted to make music that was new, vibrant and exciting, to recreate the feeling the first time they'd heard Repeater or Daydream Nation. Edwin Congreave had never played an instrument before, but during his shifts in an Oxford restaurant he'd introduced Yannis Phillipakis (the nascent band's first-among-equals) to enough hours of mindblowing music to warrant a place in any rehearsal room or recording studio. It was decided that Edwin, now armed with a few curious analogue eBay finds, would become their synth player, and his cutting-edge knowledge of labels like Kompakt, DFA, R&S and Strictly Rhythm and understanding of the dynamics of the dancefloor would become the crucial final piece of the sound of their debut album, the tight, uncompromising and brutally funky Antidotes.

After joining Foals he would DJ through the night after the visceral, chaotic house party sets that made the band's name, and as the band grew in stature and crashed into the mainstream he'd play at their after-parties, be they swanky label-funded Kensington nightclubs or airless basements in his native Oxford. The one thing that remained constant was Edwin's sets; always striking that perfect balance between obscure and popular; always sending the party into raptures.
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