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<!--020051213006307-->Fort Minor - 'The Rising Tied' [CD]

Fort Minor

The Rising Tied



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It could be easy to look at this album really quick or just even to hear it's kind of spawned out of Linkin Park and write it off. I mean, I'm not about to big up Linkin Park or anything but you have to respect them to a point if Hova does. Mike Shinoda takes his act solo and gets it cosigned on the way by none other than Jay-Z himself. Shinoda stays away from the boy band cheese on this and brings in heavy hitters like Black Thought and Common to show people that's he's taking this hip hop thing seriously. He really keeps things simple and showcases what he brings to the table. He's pretty formidable on the production tip. Not everyone's cup of tea but by the amount of people who have rated this so highly you have to give it a whirl.
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