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Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' [CD]
Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' [CD]
Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' [CD]
Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' [CD]

Foxy Brown

Brooklyn's Don Diva


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Foxy Brown needs no introduction but in case you need to get up here's a quick snapshot to refresh your memory. Ms. Brown first made a name for herself after winning a talent contest in her hometown of Brooklyn and was soon featured on tracks by LL Cool J, Nas, Case, Toni Braxton and more. She later joined the hip hop supergroup The Firm in the late '90s with Nas, AZ and Nature. The group release an album in 1997 titled The Firm: The Album, which sold over 900,000 unites. Brown released three solo albums: Ill Na Na (1996), Chyna Doll (1999), and Broken Silence (2001) which sold a total of 3 million records and propelled her to stardom. Brooklyn's Don Diva is the first in a mutli-album deal with KOCH Records and the album her long-time fans have been fiending for. It's an incredible collection of gritty street anthems that Foxy's been working on for years now. It's all new. And it's fire. Despite her recent incarceration, Foxy isn't too concerned. As she states, "This is just a temporary situation. I made my bed and have no problem lying in it. My will is steady. What doesn't kill me will only make me a stronger and better person, by my own doing. I think there are greater injustices in America that require our immediate attention, I will not surrender."
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