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<!--120061024008518-->Frank-N-Dank - 'Nice 2 Meet U ('06 Version)/ MCA/ Nice 2 Meet U' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]
<!--120061024008518-->Frank-N-Dank - 'Nice 2 Meet U ('06 Version)/ MCA/ Nice 2 Meet U' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]
<!--120061024008518-->Frank-N-Dank - 'Nice 2 Meet U ('06 Version)/ MCA/ Nice 2 Meet U' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]
<!--120061024008518-->Frank-N-Dank - 'Nice 2 Meet U ('06 Version)/ MCA/ Nice 2 Meet U' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]


Nice 2 Meet U ('06 Version)/ MCA/ Nice 2 Meet U

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record



Product Details
Frank N Dank return with their 2nd single off of the "XTended Play Version 3.13" album. Side A has the track "Nice 2 Meet U" which features Brick & Lace, and is produced by Saukrates. The song gives the listener a refreshing sound like no other. An original masterpiece surely to claim top spot for many Hip Hop music fans. It's soul music for players. The track is genetically engineered for radio airplay, is a self-described "grown man" safe-sex love song rapped over Saukrates' (Gilla House) cosmic slop, down tempo funk, with a beat so addictive it should have a surgeon generals warning on the packaging of this single. Says Frank, "Most artists disguise their sexual intent with the ladies, we're saying if two mutually consenting adults want to party, let's be open about it". Reggae-pop trio Brick and Lace croon on the hypnotic hook. Side B features "MCA", a track you can truly feel with all emotions. Over a rare sounding J. Dilla produced rhythm, FND take you down a road they have travelled dealing with major record companies. Dank bravely addresses the reason fans have had to wait over two years for a full album on the deeply personal "MCA", a song critiquing what music insiders call the Music Cemetery of America label for new artists. Dank pens an open letter highlighting their dilemma after sitting in label "pushback" purgatory. "I had to honestly tell music fans what it's like being locked down in a contract with no money or singles coming out, unreturned calls from label reps, having to endure a label's collapse and then having to work at Salvation Army for $4 hour". It's a warning for artists out there, a learning tool to take care of your business. The beat behind this track, produced by J. Dilla, gives you the feeling of what Frank N Dank as well as many other artists go through while dealing with these major record companies. Frank N Dank have been working with J. Dilla from day one. Being friends since elementary school made music second nature allowing Frank N Dank and J. Dilla to continue to create timeless music that both well represents the essence of true Hip Hop in these days and times.
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