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<!--020130730059350-->Frank151 - 'Chapter 52: China' [Book]
<!--020130730059350-->Frank151 - 'Chapter 52: China' [Book]
<!--020130730059350-->Frank151 - 'Chapter 52: China' [Book]
<!--020130730059350-->Frank151 - 'Chapter 52: China' [Book]


Chapter 52: China


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  • Jul 30, 2013
  • 160
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  • Frank151
With a global spotlight on China's booming economy, the country's more nuanced areas of growth have been overshadowed in recent years. But it shouldn't come as a surprise that the "Waking Dragon" boasts a fascinating underbelly, complete with young culture to rival anything coming out of the West.

As guest curator of Chapter 52, CLOT will show us a side of China we don't often see. Starting with an interview between co-owner Edison Chen and the RZA, we will also explore the legend of the King of Kowloon, profile international fashion photographer Wing Shya, explore Basquiat's impact on Chinese streetwear design, and get a tour of Nigo's Harajuku. Other Chapter 52 contributors include Murakami, KAWS, Bobby Hundreds, Michael Dupouy, and many more.

Contributors: AMIAYA, Tony Chan, Matt Charof, Chef, Edison Chen, Evian Chow, Jymi Chun, Matthew Clark, Eddie Cruz, DDT, Michael Dupouy, Galerie Perrotin, Mark Goss, Mia Haggi, Bobby Hundreds, KAWS, Kazuki Kuraishi, Mike Lam, Norman Lo, Pat Lo, Jordan Loo, Ricky Lorenzo, Alvarez Montero, Carri Munden, Nanzuka, Winnie Ng, NIGO, Jos Parl, Kevin Poon, Alex Reyes, Darren Romanelli, RZA, Wing Shya, Soda, Ruslan Valentine Karablin AKA SSUR, Willie T, Ken Tang, Joe Tirado, Undefeated Inc., Matthew Williams, Rocky Xu, MC Yan, Michael Yuen

Editorial: Lina Abascal, David Arkin, Hannah Armour, Ines Auzina, Kisha Batista, BLVCK KRVY, Tony Brown, Basil Burley, Maia Canter, Amanda Carrasco, Justin Carter, Jameel Charles, Spencer Cohen, Chris Dodds, Etai Drori, Erin Duncan, Jermaine Edwards, Paloma Elsesser, Ryan Fosbenner, Jeffrey Gamblero, Nick Gardner, Macedonio Guerra, Hash Halper, Evan Harden, David Jimenez, Max Kramer, George Leonidou, TJ Mariano, Charlie Mostow, Hitoshi Nojima, Paul Pastore, Ed Pick, Ricky Powell, Jacob Pramuk, Rack-Lo, Santra Ramirez, Briana Rodriguez, Shaquille Serieaux-Halls, Kristen Tauer, Paul Voler, Sarah Wolfson